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Le Tilleul

If your looking for a real vacation without a car, you’ll be able to find it here on the Abijune campsite!


At the heart of the local neighbourhood, you can easily get to the grocers, the baker’s or even the restaurant “Le Tilleulais” on foot or by bike.


For those that enjoy a good walk you can get to Tilleul beach or even Ertrat!


A seaside resort, Étretat is first and foremost famous for its exceptional cliffs. These are truly enchanting surroundings that have inspired many painters.

Les plages

Come and discover the beauty of our pebble beaches (Le Tilleul, is accessible only on foot) or the fine sand beaches in Saint-Jouin Bruneval, with its small wild coves, and steep cliffs. The beach is the perfect place to spend a pleasant family day out.

Do you prefer a holiday with a little more action? Rent a jetski, a paddle board, a kite board, a body board or a wind surf board! Come and discover the myriad of water sports that Saint-Jouin Bruneval has to offer.

If you fancy a wander in a buggy or a quad this water sports centre is also equipped for land based activities.

The surrounding cities

Fécamp (distance : 18 km)

A city rich in art and History, Fécamp invites visitors to come discover the abbot of Trinidad, and the Bénédictine Palace, a building containing the Bénédictine liquor distillery, as well as a museum dedicated to art. Not only is the port of Fécamp incredibly photogenic, but with its charismatic piers and pleasant atmosphere it is perfect for a stroll. The New Worlds and Fishing museum shines a spotlight on the port’s maritime past.

Le Havre (distance : 25 km)

The city of Le Havre, rebuilt after the war, is home to a great wealth of modern architecture, from its recognisable town buildings, to Saint Joseph’s Church and the Oscar-Niemeyer cultural centre, which is easily identifiable thanks to its two volcano-shaped buildings. The reconstruction was the work of architect Auguste Perret, and this vast complex is now classed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Not to be missed, right next to the sea, there is also the André Malraux modern art museum, renowned for his 19th and 20th century paintings.

Honfleur (distance : 50 km)

A city rich in art and history, Honfleur immediately enchants its visitors by revealing a charming fishing and recreational port, ancient picturesque alleyways and old stone houses, with timber frames and covered in slates. It really is a pearl and not to be missed!

Rouen (distance : 95 km)

Historic capital of Normandy, Rouen is a city rich in art and history with an important architectural and religious heritage. Nicknamed the city with one hundred bell towers, Rouen is home to the Gothic Notre-Dame cathedral and Saint-Maclou’s Church which is a wonderful example of the flamboyant Gothic art. This is not to overlook the Abbey of Saint-Ouen from the 14th century.


The streets of the old districts are picturesque and bordered by old half-timbered houses, perfect for an afternoon stroll. Rue Damiette, Rue Martainville and Rue Saint-Romain are particularly rich in timber frame constructions. Place du Vieux-Marché is where Jeanne d’Arc was burned in 1431. Today, the Church of Saint Joan of Arc, a highly original modern building, occupies the centre of the square. The Museum of Fine Arts is home to collections of paintings from the 16th to the 20th century, while a museum of ceramics exhibits impressive collections for curious visitors.

Activités à proximité du campingDistancePayant
Canoë kayak6 km
Casino2,5 km
Char à voile
Cours kite surf10 km
Cours de stand up paddle
Équitation / promenades à cheval ou poney2 km
Parc d’attractions30 km
Parcours aventure8 km
Pêche6 km
Golf3 km
Terrain de tennis1 km

Activities across the Region

L'Aiguille Creuse

Courtine, Manneporte, the Aval and Amont cliffs, the Vaudieu rock and Belval’s Aiguille, are just a few of the mysterious names for these sculptures cut by the waves in the chalk and flint plateau of Pays de Caux. Some will see the head of an elephant dipping its trunk into the waves, others, like Maupassant, will claim that a ship, all sails unfurled, could cross Manneporte’s arcade at any instant… come and judge for yourself!

Le « vieux » marché

Once upon a time it was a farm, then a pond. Once filled in, the site became the market place. Small wooden structures were set up before being replaced by the market that has now been enlivened by charming covered stalls.

Les Jardins d'Étretat

They overlook the city, with a unique view of the Aval cliffs and the famous Aiguille. The plant sculptures were inspired by the Normandy coastline and more particularly by the unique landscapes around Etretat.

Practical information at: +00 33 2 35 27 05 76 or on  www.lesjardinsdetretat.fr

Avenue Damilaville (very near the Chapelle)- 76,790 Etretat- France

Le Clos Lupin, Maison de Maurice Leblanc

You will be welcomed here by Grognard, the eternal accomplice of the gentleman burglar. He will guide you through a universe where the lives of Maurice Leblanc and his illustrious character blend together. You will enter the heart of a seven stage enigma, composed of sounds and lights.

A truly wonderful adventure!


Le Clos Lupin, Maison Maurice Leblanc

15, rue Guy de Maupassant

76790 Etretat

Tel: +33 (0)2 35 10 59 53

Email:  lecloslupinetretat@gmail.com

Monument Nungesser et Coli

An arrow was erected in 1963 (60° incline and 24 m height on an axis) and was built in homage to  Nungesser and Coli, the first aviators who tried to cross theNorth Atlantic aboard their plane the Oiseau Blanc.

Le golf d'Étretat

This is an exceptional location! Playing golf at Etretat at more than 50 metres above the sea, is a fantastic experience.

Le vélo-rail

– Rail-bike route

In a green rolling valley at the heart of the Caux region, come and discover these activities at the Loges and Etretat train station. Rental of a rail-bike can only be done by reservation (5 persons maximum, presence of an adult required) for a journey of 6 km on the tourist train.

Departure of the rail-bike: only from the Loges.

– The tourist train

It gives you the opportunity to travel at the same pace as the trains of your childhood discovering the beautiful rolling countryside. 12 km return journey from Etretat or the Loges.

Ttepac Loges station

Times and prices Tel. 02 35 29 49 61

Étretat Aventures

An incredible  aerial forest course located in a 6 ha park, 5 km from Etretat. For 3 years now, adventurers have been moving between 2 and 17 m up in the trees, using cables and platforms in complete autonomy and safety. Discover the 5 routes and the longest zipline in the region (220 m). Open all year round.

Château du bois des loges

Tel. 02 35 29 84 45

Mobile telephone: 06 60 67 86 11

Le Parc des Roches

Clinging to the Amont cliff, the Parc des Roches has a beautiful bouncy castle, toboggans, a paddling pool and even a mini golf course for your kids and for the whole family too. Vistors pay to use the bouncy castle and mini golf course, but the prices are reasonable and your children will have a great afternoon. While they are having fun you, ladies and gentlemen, can enjoy a beautiful landscape, with an unobstructed view of Etretat’s roofs and the Aval cliff. An awesome panorama awaits, from this charming amusement park.

Activités autour du camping

Golf d'Etretat
Activités nautique
Domaine Équestre d'Etretat
Camping Abijune

Randonnée Etretat - Fécamp

Camping Abijune
Départ Etretat
Arrivée Fecamp

Good addresses in Etretat

The restaurant Le Tilleulais,  accessible on foot from the campsite!

The Marie Antoinette restaurant. It is located just in front of a fishmonger’s and customers can choose their fish directly before sitting down at the table.


An excellent address


or even the Cours d’Eau. The reception is charming and the cuisine perfect!


The Bistretataisa friendly brasserie in warm interiors that offers traditional dishes based on regional products.


Finally the Flotilla which is home to French cuisine classics and a wood fire grill in the restaurant’s large chimney.


We also recommend the Lann-Bized crepe shop.