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45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories Which Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

45 Insanely Creepy And Bizarre Stories Which Will Make You Check Your Locks At Night

1. Marscy

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And this occurred when I ended up being about 9 or 10- most likely 9. That isn’t appropriate, but I’m a girl. I thought nothing of it at the time, and only really realized the creepiness a year later.

For context My neighborh d back then had been pretty safe (it ‘s still) and we had a burglar alarm, but only left it on through the night. I’d gotten home from sch l, and had invested an hour or so approximately using the pc (therefore it had been around three or four pm) and I ended up being house alone (my dad is at work, my mom and brothers had been grocery shopping.)

The desk which had the laptop computer had been next to an archway which resulted in the dining area which had a wine rack (which my siblings and we never touched, fearing we’d somehow break the bottles of wine) and a wardrobe/cabinet thing which had other alcohol since we thought alcohol was gross in it(like vodka and sake) which my siblings and I also never touched. The cabinet wardrobe thing had been right next towards the archway closest towards the laptop computer.

Therefore I ended up being playing in the glance and laptop at the living area, and spot the wardrobe case d r is wide open. I believe absolutely nothing of it, until I glance at it once again, l k down and notice a couple of bare feet. The cabinet d r closes and a female is standing here, mid to late twenties, and I distinctly remember her l king pretty and she had hair that is red-ish. She notices me l king and smiles at me personally, and prevents rummaging through the cabinet.

I had simply gotten a puppy who had been very and social. Whenever she stopped, I notice she’s holding my puppy, saying just how attractive he could be and exactly how she wishes she possessed a dog. We agree with her, then I ask “Are you one of my mom’s friends?” because sometimes they babysat my siblings and I also.

She responds no, while c ing over my puppy. There’s a silence, and he is put by her down and he wanders over to me personally and lays down. She walks away and I cautiously follow her, and notice at the steps of the d r she was using to leave were several containers of different drinks that are alcoholic. We thought that has been strange, but I didn’t recognize the bottles as ours since I rarely went into the cabinet.

We thought which was weird, and returned to playing on the computer. My mom and brothers come back, and my mother asks me personally how my time had been and I tell her in regards to the lady. My mother kind of freezes, trying to not panic, I do believe. I did son’t tell her the lady t k any such thing because I did son’t know that stuff ended up being ours. She asks just how she got in, and I also tell my mom she got in through our garage d r because that’s how she left that I think. We mention some alcohol was had by her bottles along with her. My mother (which, to me during the time, had been performing weird) informs me with a serious/freaked out l k on her behalf face to secure the storage home the next time and don’t let strangers in, etc. (she knew I didn’t let the woman in, but I suppose she ended up being freaked out that someone was at her house or apartment with her kid)

Later, such as for instance a days that are few my mother informs me who the woman had been. Evidently our nearby neighbors had a twenty one thing yr old alcoholic child and she came to them requesting alcohol and money, plus they said no, so she came into our house to get her fix.

A or so later, when someone was asking me about my dog, I suddenly thought about that and got freaked out about how easily she could have taken him from me year.

Tl;dr Lady walks into the house while it’s unlocked and I’m home alone and 9 yrs bookofsex mobile site. old, takes some alcoholic beverages from the household, might have also taken my dog or other stuff that is valuable. Ask if she’s my mom’s buddy, says no, takes the alcohol, leaves. Ends up she’s the neighbor’s alcoholic daughter.

2. coldbeeronsunday

This happened circa 1971 or 1972, when my mother had been about 14 or 15 years of age. The event occurred in a greatly w ded area near Montevallo, Alabama (close to Birmingham).

My mom is the oldest of 5 kids – she’s 3 sister and a cousin, who is the child of this household. One weekend in the c ler months regarding the fall, my grandfather decided to simply take the entire household – my grandmother, my mother, and all sorts of my aunts and uncles, therefore seven people total – to the w ds for target training having a rifle. My mom grew up quite bad and they didn’t always are now living in the very best areas, so my grandfather desired to show the young young ones how exactly to protect themselves with the rifle if need be.

Like I stated, it absolutely was later on within the autumn, and so the w ds had been bare and there have been a lot of leaves on a lawn. The area that is w ded just off a dirt road, so this had been a fairly rural area these people were in. As it had been so far off the beaten course, my grandfather became startled when he heard the roar of a automobile motor so deeply into the w ds. My mom remembers the automobile to be a Ford that is blue Galaxie.