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15 Intimate Korean Expressions To Understand Besides Saranghaeyo Should You Want To Date An Oppa

15 Intimate Korean Expressions To Understand Besides Saranghaeyo Should You Want To Date An Oppa

Intimate Korean Expressions

1. “I miss you” (Bogo sipeo)

In Korean (Hangeul): how exactly to pronounce: po-go ship-paw

The rise in popularity of “ po-go ship-paw ” , or “I miss you”, is 2nd simply to “ sa-rang-hae-yo ” . Making its look in nearly every drama that is korean, it’s also one of the primary few expressions K-pop fans grab if they begin learning the language. This expression literally means “want to see” but with regards to the context, it may also suggest “I miss you”.

An essential indicate note is Koreans generally try to avoid using the pronoun “you” unless they truly are really near the other individual. They have a tendency to utilize hierarchical kinship terms such as “ oppa/eonni ” (term for the elder bro or elder sibling of women), the person’s title or omit discussing one other celebration entirely.

2. “Thanks for constantly being by my side” (Hangsang yeope isseojwoseo gomawo)

The male lead Ku Chan-seong is constantly by the female lead Jang Man-wol’s side, looking after her and keeping her company in Korean (Hangeul): How to pronounce: hang-sang yaw-peh it-saw-chwaw-saw ko-ma-wo In the 2019 hit series Hotel Del Luna. Therefore when you yourself have a Ku Chan-seong with you, you’ll want to look him when you look at the eyes and state this phrase because of the most aegyo (Korean for turning your charms on) you can easily channel.

2. “I feel guaranteed with you around” (Oppaga isseoseo deundeunhae)

In Korean (Hangeul): how exactly to pronounce: oppa-ga it-saw-saw tern-tern-hae

Korean guys are anticipated to perform specific gender functions, and another of these is always to just just take regarding the part of a relaxed and collected figure in a relationship. The“ that is adjective ” here actually relates to being dependable, nevertheless when you state you feel “ tern-tern-hae ” with oppa around, it indicates which you feel guaranteed.

3. “You are completely my type” (Oppa wanjeon chwihyangjeogyeok)

In Korean (Hangeul): How to pronounce: oppa wan-jawn chwi-hyang-chaw-gyeok

Such as an arrow landing on its target, this expression can be used to describe a bull’s eye hit on someone’s preference checklist. When you have a crush on that new Korean trade pupil in your course and then he checks all of the containers, it is the right time to state this line to him. That knows, you might have now been a sharpshooter to him too. Woo hoo .

4. “You will be the best” (Oppaga choegoya)

In Korean (Hangeul): Simple tips to pronounce: oppa-ga chweh-go-ya

“ Chweh-go ” can be utilized for an array of situations, such as for instance when you wish to cheer somebody on, or even to explain somebody or something like that being the most useful. Give oppa two thumbs up while telling him he’s the– that is best that’s bound to create him the envy of their team.

5. “You look actually today that is great (Oneul jeongmal meosisseo)

In Korean (Hangeul): just how to pronounce: oh-nerl maw-sit-saw that is chong-mal

We all know that perhaps the many handsome of oppas will never look stunning every day. However for times whenever every strand of their locks is with in destination and their top, impeccably ironed, luxurious him using this phrase to allow him discover how great he appears. You should use this expression with the past expression because well.

Example: “ Oppa-ga chweh-go-ya! Oh-neul maw-sit-saw that is chong-mal! ” Translation: “ best hookup sites usa Oppa you’re the most effective! You appear great today!”

6. “You are therefore thoughtful” (Oppaneun senseuga neomchyeo)

In Korean (Hangeul): just how to pronounce: oppa-nern sen-se-ga nom-chyaw

This might be a good example of Konglish , which means a Korean means of having a word that is english. The translation that is literal of expression means “overflowing with sense”, however it really means “you are therefore sensible/thoughtful”.

So “sense” in this context is employed to a person who does appropriate things during the time that is right. As an example, then that’s plenty of “sense” right there if he remembers that you have to work overtime today and waits for you to knock off with your favourite food.

7. “I think about you before I sleep” (Jagi jeone oppa saenggangna)

In Korean (Hangeul): Simple tips to pronounce: cha-gi chaw-neh oppa saeng-gang-na

When you have been considering a special someone the entire day and feel you’ll want to get it well your upper body before you go to sleep, offer your oppa a call and simply tell him “ cha-gi chaw-neh oppa saeng-gang-na ”. We’re certain that you both are able to have an excellent night’s sleep thereafter.

8. “You are incredibly sweet” (Wanjeon dajeongdagamhae)

In Korean (Hangeul):How to pronounce: wan-jawn ta-jong-ta-gam-hae

You may be astonished to know that this expression really translates to “full of feelings and emotions”, and it is used to explain a person who is sort and sweet. Koreans do make use of the Konglish term “ swee-teu-hae ” to explain an individual who is sweet, but tossing in “ wan-jawn ta-jong-ta-gam-hae ” means you’ll not merely make your emotions understood, but additionally wow oppa together with your Korean abilities in the exact same time.

9. “I would like to hear your sound” (Oppa moksori deutgo sipeo)

In Korean (Hangeul): just how to pronounce: oppa mok-so-ri tert-go ship-paw

We would want to listen to his voice every single day too if we are lucky enough to have a special someone who sounds like Taehyung from BTS. Say “oppa mok-so-ri tert-go-ship-paw” to him on days whenever you are unfortunate and all sorts of you desire is hear a reassuring sound let you know all things are likely to be alright.

10. “Everything which you do details me” (Oppaga haneun haengdongdeuri neomu gamdongiya)

In Korean (Hangeul): how exactly to pronounce: oppa-ga haeng-dong-te-ri naw-mu kam-dong-yi-ya that is ha-nern

This expression edges on Korean drama territory but hey, there’s nothing incorrect with expressing love. Most likely, we understand exactly just exactly how nothings that are sweet affirmations can occasionally suggest a great deal. Your oppa will be happy to understand that their actions have actually moved you.

11. “I like you” (Oppareul joahae)

In Korean (Hangeul): just how to pronounce: oppa-rerl cho-ah-hae

Many of us have a tendency to beat across the bush whenever wanting to show our emotions into the topic of our affections. Worries of rejection cripples us so we wind up saying items that are completely unimportant. Nonetheless it’s time for you to change that. Stride as much as him confidently and simply tell him this line. He might you should be relocated by the sincerity and expose their affections for you too.

12. Because I am with you” (Opparang gachi isseoseo haengbokae“ I am happy)

In Korean (Hangeul): how exactly to pronounce: oppa-rang ga-chi it-saw-saw haeng-bok-hae

There’s nothing quite just like the excitement of courtship – think constant texting and sweet nothings that create your heart flutter. Try out this if the the two of you are typically in an ambiguous stage for a number of years and you also wish to drop him a hint to go about the next stage – officially becoming a couple of.

13. “I such as the method you are taking proper care of me” (Oppaga nal chaenggyeojuneunge joa)

In Korean (Hangeul): just how to pronounce: oppa-ga nal cho-ah that is chaeng-gyaw-chu-nern-geh

This line will work for when you wish to exhibit your admiration to a hardworking oppa who is out of their method to look after you, from bringing you a chocolate bar when you’re stressing over deadlines, to draping their coat you are feeling cold over you when. We might destroy for the oppa that way.

14. “I am thinking about you” (Oppa saenggakago isseo)

In Korean (Hangeul): how exactly to pronounce: oppa-rerl saeng-gak-ha-go-it-saw

The same as exactly how Ku Chan-seong is definitely on Jang Man-wol’s brain in Hotel Del Luna , tell him that he’s constantly on the mind with this particular line. But don’t make sure he understands what type of thoughts you’re having – let their imagination work its secret.

15. “I would like to be to you for a very long time” (Opparang oraeorae hamkke hagosipeo)

In Korean (Hangeul): Simple tips to pronounce: oppa-rang oh-rae-oh-rae ham-kkeh ha-go-ship-paw

There’s nothing forever except maybe for diamonds, silver and also the cockroach types. On the other hand, every few getting started will envision their relationship enduring till the final end of the time. Utilize this line to inform him you are focused on being with him for a lengthy, very long time.

Bonus: “Would you want to come over for ramyeon?” (Ramyeon meokgo gallae)

In Korean (Hangeul): Simple tips to pronounce: ra-myeon mok-go gal-lae

Initially a line through the 2001 hit movie One Fine Spring Day , this line ended up being utilized by the lead that is female ask the male lead over to her spot after he drove her house. It triggered the lead that is male a night over and it has now founded it self while the Korean method of saying “Netflix and chill”.